10+ Best Free Ways To Increase Website Traffic Fast 2020

How can I get traffic to my new website faster? Don’t worry-I will help you increase website traffic? Here are 10+ best free ways to increase website traffic in 2020.

If you are a newbie in blogging,you must need decent blog traffic at the beginning.

For this you will have to adopt best techniques to boost your website traffic.

The ultimate aim of a website owner to drive traffic and earn money 💰.

But it is not achievable within days.Blogging demands time so that you can write best SEO friendly content.

And it is the foundation of your blogging success.

If your website doesn’t have rich content and it is not helping people, then Why are you expecting traffic to your site ?

That’s why !

Most of the new bloggers quit blogging When they are failed to drive traffic to their website.

There are many ways to increase website traffic. And below are the key factors of a website traffic:

  • 🔑 Keyword research
  • SEO friendly rich content
  • On-page SEO
  • off-page SEO techniques
  • Building Backlinks
  • Increase website speed
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How to increase website traffic

What Is Website Traffic

Before you start the process of increasing website traffic,you need to know the basics of website traffic.

The number of visitors coming to a website is called website traffic.

The more you get visitors To your site, more will be your business revenues.

Types Of Website Traffic

There are basically two types of website traffic:

  • One is free website traffic
  • And another is paid traffic.

Free Traffic: It is what you get from search engines,social media platforms, without investing even a single penny.

Such website traffic is also called organic traffic.

Because if some one searchs on (say) Google and your website post ranks and the visitor will instantly go to your site.

And organic website is one of the best important key way to increase your website traffic.

It will increase your domain authority among search engines.

Paid Traffic : When you invest money to get visitors to your website, it is called paid traffic.

There are many ways to get paid website traffic :

  • Google AdWords,Bing ads etc.
  • Facebook paid marketing
  • Paid backlinks

It is good idea to pay money and get targeted traffic.

But, as soon as you stop investing money,you will get a fall back in your blog traffic.

That’s why organic traffic that comes naturally is considered to be the best option.

But for this you have to work around many things like on-page seo, off-page seo, blog promotion techniques,email marketing,social media marketing etc.

You will definitely get lots of fruitful results in terms of organic traffic.

Importance Of Website Traffic

Traffic of a website is an essential part of your earning.

Without website traffic you can’t generate any income.

If you have plenty of visitors on your website, then your conversion rate will be high as long as you have done best on-site seo which I discuss in later part of the post.

Most of the new bloggers finds the best free ways in order to increase website traffic fast in no time.

But it largely depends upon your intention.

If you want to take your website to next level in terms of both website traffic increase and making money out of it.

Then you must implement the best techniques i am sharing, to increase traffic to your website.

10+ Best Free Ways To increase traffic To Your Website

Every blogger is eager to know how to drive decent traffic to his/her blog.

In this article I am sharing with you the best free ways to increase website traffic.

To be honest, I am using these techniques to get organic traffic to my blog.

Now it’s time to drive traffic to your brand new website.

Increase Website Traffic Through On-Page SEO

On-page seo is one of the prerequisite of a successful blog in terms of driving organic traffic to your blog.

Without On-page SEO you can’t get positive ranking signals from search engines like Google,Bing,yahoo etc.

On-page SEO: on-page seo is a process of optimizing your website content according to parameters laid down by search engines.

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Let discuss them one by one :

#1 Increase Website Traffic By Keyword Research

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Keyword research is a backbone of a website traffic.If not done properly,you will get no traffic to your blog.

Before you start writing any blog content you must perform keyword research by using free tools (initially)and paid tools later on.

I personally use ahrefs and Semrush online tools to get lucrative and high search volume keywords for my blog.

Imagine,if you are targeting a keyword which has zero cpc,no search volume and high competitive, then how can you think of increasing your site traffic.

Which Keywords Are Best For Beginners

When you start a blog,you can not rank short keywords which are always high competitive.

So what to do in this situation?

I tell you!

  • Use long tail keywords which can be ranked within days
  • Sprinkle LSI keywords in your article
  • Use Google suggested keywords on Google search

Initially, you should target long tail keywords for your site,even though these keywords have less search volume.

I suggest you to go for premium tools to find long tail keywords having up to 500 monthly search and with keyword difficulty below 20.

#2 Drive Traffic To Your Site Through LSI Keywords

Earlier some years ago Google used to measure the relevance of a keyword with its density in a post.

But with its hummingbird update, a new concept of LSI(Latent, semantic indexing) keywords have been initiated.

LSI: LSI keywords are basically variation if a keyword.

For example :If my article is about How to do keyword research, then you yourself tell me what variations will you perform on this article?

I tell you !

The same article can be used in a variety of the following keywords :

You can also use many more LSI keywords to tell Google that your post is really all about keyword research.

#3 Increase Traffic To Your Site using Main Keyword in post properly

When you start writing a post, use your main keyword in post permalink and post title.

According to moz :

The closer your main keyword is to the post title, the more will be the possibility of your post ranking by Google.

Similarly put your main keyword in SEO description.

As i mentioned above, all your subheadings must contain LSI keywords,so that search engines can better understand your post.

#4 Increase Website Traffic By Increasing CTR(click through rate)

Many new bloggers are often frustrated with low traffic despite their posts are ranking on Google first page(SERPs).

What is the reason ?

Don’t mind, you are not using power words to compel the Google searchers to visit your site.

For example :

  1. Make money online
  2. 10 best ways to earn money online

The above two keywords are taken as an example.

As a common user I will prefer to click 2nd keyword instead of first one.Because first one not looking click worthy.

So you must use power and sentimental words to drive more website traffic.

#5 Adding (FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ is one of the greatest way to draw search engines intention towards your website.

When you add FAQ to your blog posts, it gets positively noticed by Google and it is one of the ranking factors.

So you can use LSI keywords in frequently asked schema.

In this way you can rank for variety of keywords in a particular post.

I personally use FAQ in my each post and I have observed some improvement in my posts ranking.

#6 Interlinking your blog posts

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Interlinking of posts

Internal linking is often overlooked on-site seo by many bloggers.

When you write a new post, you should add your old post to engage your readers.In this way you can boost your other posts.

In this way you will increase your website traffic.

And interlinking all your blog posts help in getting positive seo rankings.

Get More Website Traffic By Using Off-Page SEO Techniques

Without off-page seo you can’t achieve the goal of ranking your blog posts on search engines.

Backlinks are the base of your website traffic.Without backlinks your posts can’t be ranked by search engines.

There are several off-page seo techniques that can boost your site rankings.Below are the key off-site techniques used by many pro-bloggers to make backlinks:

#1 Guest Blogging

For new bloggers, guest blogging could be a great source of getting authority back links and decent traffic.

How guest blogging works ?

Guest blogging means to write articles as a guest for the websites that accept with certain terms and conditions.

If you write for authority websites,you will get high authority backlinks.And it will increase your website domain authority and page authority.

#2 Social bookmarking

There is another way to get high quality back links from social bookmarking sites.

These sites have great domain authority.So newbies must get best do follow back links from these sites.

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#3 Ping Submission

Ping submission is an other best off-page seo technique to boost your website traffic.

Ping submission helps to index your back links very fast among search engines.

There are many popular pinging sites which help in indexing your back links and articles.

Pingomatic, pingfarm are popular ping submission sites.

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#4 Profile Creation Sites

Similarly, profile creation sites are also a big source of making backlinks which will ultimately increase your website traffic.

Most importantly the backlinks you will get from these sites are absolutely free and dofollow.

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#5 Increase Website Traffic Via YouTube

You Tube is undoubtedly one of the best platform to get huge audience by uploading videos.

And I tell you if used wisely you can drive huge traffic to your blog as well.

There are many popular YouTube channels who have millions of subscribers.They put a link of their website on YouTube description.

And what a surprise !

They get huge traffic from YouTube alone without any seo.

You my suggestion is that go for a perfect YouTube channel.Make it viral and your blog is going to rock!👍

#6 Increase Website Traffic With Quora

Quora is a question and answer website where you can participate in question and answer debates and get targeted traffic to your website.

For this sign up to quora and start answering queries with effective way and leave your article link.

If you really want to get positive results, Devout your time on quora on regular basis.

#7 Stackoverflow

In order to increase your website traffic you must make the most of stackoverflow.

It is similar question answer website to quote discussed above.

And after logging in you can find your targeted audience by solving their queries.

And there are many people out there who doesn’t find convincing answers to their queries on Google suggested websites.

But over stackoverflow you can get active members as well as audience waiting for their queries to be answered.

#8 Facebook Groups

In todays world when millions of people are glued to their mobile devices exploring unique ideas on Facebook.

So to add further audience to your website Facebook groups could be a boon for your website.

In order to take maximum benefit out of Facebook group,you must add like minded bloggers to your group and help your readers.

Pro Tip : Social media enhance your website brand name.Take it seriously.

#9 Using Best Social Media Plugins

Whenever you write a post, it must have social sharing options.So that your readers can share on the go.

And in this way you can increase website traffic without any further headache.

I personally use socialSnap Plugin to boost my posts traffic.

#10 Your Website Design Matters

Beautiful design of a website attracts your readers.They spend more time on your blog.

You will get maximum clicks and conversions.

To make your site a beautiful look, ThriveArchitect could be a best fit for you.

It is a premium plugin will cost you one time $ 67.

I personally use Thrive Architect to make my site awesome looking for my readers.
It will definitely increase your website speed.

#11 Use Lightweight Theme

Light weight themes prompt your website to load much faster which increase your website traffic.

Beacuse search engines prefer fast loading sites over sluggish ones.

I personally use Generatepress, the most preferred and light weight theme you must use.

#12 Use Fast Web Hosting

Web hosting plays a vital role in determining the loading of a website.

Search engines hate slow and sluggish loading sites.

That’s why on search results only fast loading sites make on the first page.

Many new bloggers don’t pay attention to the hosting.That’s why they use free and cheap web hosting which results in minimal traffic.

If you are really serious about blogging, then use the most recommended web hosting for your site.

It will definitely increase your website speed.

There are some popular web hosting providers like WPX hosting,Cloudways,Siteground,DigitalOcean.

I personally use DigitalOcean Super fast VPS hosting for mysmartblogging site.

You can check it’s speed on Google page insights.

#13 Use Best SEO Tool

Without using best seo tool, you can’t get decent organic traffic.

You know, finding best keywords for your blog and work on them will not work unless the keywords are easy to rank on Google.

And Ahrefs, SEMRUSH work perfect in finding you the most lucrative tools.

Wrapping Up Of Increase Website Traffic

Without increasing your website traffic, you can’t make adequate earnings.

So it’s very much important to implement the above mentioned techniques to increase website traffic.

The most important part of increasing website traffic starts from on-page seo, followed by off-page SEO techniques.That lead to organic traffic.

Besides it, the complementary factors that are also essential to increase website traffic are keyword research, website design,hosting, plugins that are helpful in increasing your website’s traffic.

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Frequenters Asked Questions

Q1. How to increase website traffic?

Ans. Apply on-page SEO, technical SEO aNd make maximum high quality backlinks.

Q2. How to increase website traffic through Google ?

Ans. Submit your site to Google first.Make do-follow back links on authority websites.

Q3. How to increase website traffic with seo tools ?

Ans. SEO tools helps to steal back links of your competitors.Thus you can make more back links than your competitors and increase rank your post which results in increasing your site traffic.

Q4. Which seo tool is best for increasing website traffic ?

Ans. Ahrefs, SEMRUSH are best tools to increase your website traffic within days.

Increase website traffic
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