13 Best Tips to Increase Website Speed 2020

Increase your website speed right now ! Here is a list of 13 best tips to increase website speed 2020 for best seo ranking with 100% guarantee in no time.

Speed of a website is one of the key factors that search engines take into consideration while ranking it.

The faster your website is, the higher your blog posts rank on Google.

Although there are other factors Iike off-page seo techniques and keyword research which help in ranking a site.

But in this particular article I will pay more focus on how to increase website speed 2020.

So when your position at SERPs(search engines results page) improves,you will definitely get high organic traffic and conversation.

Most of the bloggers pay less attention when it comes to the speed of a website.

That’s why they can’t get as much organic traffic as could be achieved by speeding up a website.

According to a study conducted by kissMetrics about 40% online customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds.

And approximately 47% people abandon a website midway,if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

That is really an eye-opener for slow loading websites.

Thus in order to increase website speed,you need to do website speed optimization.

which is best technical optimization on-page seo which exactly I have explained here in this post.

Google give more priority to fast loading websites over slow loading sites.

Hence,it has become more important to increase website speed,otherwise you won’t get any traffic and will ultimately experience huge loss in your business.

Why To Increase Website Speed In SEO

Fast loading site plays a vital role in enhancing search engine optimization and user experience.

People in this fast competitive world,want instant answers to their queries.They can’t wait for a second when they search online.

They use high end smartphone with high internet speed. When a webpage work so sluggishly,they hate it and leave it instantly.

So slow speed websites provide poor user experience to their online customers.

Even Google in its official blog page has said that now speed of a site is one of the various ranking factors we consider while putting it in the first 10 pages.

In his recent study, Brian Dean of backlinko has found the various reasons of sites ranking.

Much to his surprise,he observed that fast loading websites had an edge over poor loading ones in terms Google page ranking..

What does it means ?

Well,as long as you website is loading under 3 seconds,you will continue with better ranking by search engines.

On the contrary, if you website takes more than 3 seconds to load,you are at high risk of losing valuable customers visiting your site.

And even if you are ranking at first position of Google page,you can’t generate decent amount of revenue out of your blog.

Website Speed Optimization

Website speed optimization is a process of finding the reasons of your site’s low speed and optimize on them according to parameters laid down by search engines.

In order to speed up your website, you must adopt such on-page seo technique which can boost your WordPress site speed.

And WordPress speed seo comes under technical on-page seo,which is in your hands.

And I have discussed these website seo techniques later in this article.

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As mentioned earlier in this article, your website speed must be within 3 seconds.

And if your site speed is optimized keeping in view these crucial 3 seconds, you will definitely get seo ranking signals.

Prerequisites Before You Speed Up website

Before you start the process of speeding up your website, you need to analyse the speed of your website.

There are many online tools available which can be used to check your site speed and work on weaker parts which will be nicely suggested by these tools.

List Of Tools To check and Increase WordPress site speed

Increase website speed using tools
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Increase website speed using tools

The following tools you can use to analyse and boost up website speed :

Google Pagespeed Insights is one of the best free tool to check the performance of a website.

It provides you various key recommendations to improve your website speed.

Pingdom is also another freemium tool for website speed testing with a number of useful features.

You can even use it’s premium version for in-depth evaluation of your site’s speed.

GTMetrics Over 5 billion website users analyse their website speed performance by using GtMetrics.

 It provides you the through analysis of your site site speed.It also provides recommendations for improving website speed.

20 Best Tips to Increase Your Website Speed 2020

Once you detect the reasons for slow speed of your site,it’s time to adopt the best techniques to improve your website speed.

The ultimate aim of a website owner is to make high conversions, so that his /her business continue to grow in the form if happy customers.

But it can’t be possible unless your website has a reasonable speed(recommended 0-3 seconds).

There ate many techniques which you can implement to escalate your site speed

Let them discuss one by one :

1. Hosting Versus WordPress Website Speed

Hosting of a website plays a major role in affecting your website speed.Hosting and site speed go side by side.

Pro Tip :The less your hosting responds to http requests,the more your site speed will be.

If you have hosted your website on slow and sluggish hosting server,then your site speed will keep on decreasing drastically.

Ultimately, it will badly affect your site seo ranking in general and traffic in particular..

Types Of Hosting that can decrease or Increase your website Speed

There are basically two types of hosting :

  • Shared Hosting
  • Vps(virtual Private Server) or cloud ☁️ hosting

Shared Hosting : It is one of the famous and economical web hosting.Hostgator, Bluehost,siteground, A2hosting are most popular shared hosting providers.

Shared hosting is a kind of web hosting which provides the hosting space to a user on a server, already hosting many websites on it.

For beginners, it is one of the best hosting option,because initially they don’t have much traffic.

Under shared hosting plan the users are provided with free control panel, phpmyadmin,latest version of PHP.etc.

The service providers handles the server on their own like it’s regular updating,patching security bundles etc.

Drawbacks Of Shared Hosting :

Although shared hosting provides user friendly features to its users,but there is some drawbacks of its :

  • Once a hacker has injected security vulnerability to one website, it leaves other websites on the server vulnerable as well.
  • Speed of a website gets very slow on start up shared hosting plans.
  • To speed up the website, one has to go for CDN, Which is quite expensive.

VPS Hosting :

Virtual private hosting is done on virtual private server.It means that you are provided a virtual server which is shared by very few users.

There are two types of VPS hosting :

  1. Managed VPS
  2. Unmanaged VPS

Managed VPS hosting :under managed virtual private hosting your server is fully managed by hosting providers.

Thus you need not to worry about upgrading,update your server from time to time.

The company does it for you.But it is bit costly and can cost you more than $20.

Unmanaged VPS : Unmanaged hosting could be a best option for you if you have some basic knowledge of command line.

Under this hosting,you are the owner of your server.you have to install are softwares, needed for your server on your own.

It is bit cheaper than managed hosting.

Which Hosting Is Best To Increase Website Speed

As mentioned earlier,there are pros and cons of all web hosting Providers .But it depends largely on your requirement.

If you have new blog and want much more website speed for less price,then shared hosting is best option.

When it comes to speed, reliability siteground is one of the best shared hosting you must use for your website.

Important : Never use shared hosting provides hosgator, blue host.

Because, I have used hostgator’s web hosting for 4 years but had a very bad experience.

Their server speed is so sluggish that you will experience downtime once in a day.

Similarly, If you have some command knowledge,then VPS hosting could be best hosting for your site.

As far as mysmartblogging is concerned, it is hosted on digitalocean,one of the fastest unmanaged VPS hosting.

2. Use Light Website Theme And Increase Worpress site speed

Website theme is another factor which can affect your website speed.

There are plenty of free and premium themes available online.

But which one is best ?

If you are really serious about mainataing your site speed within 3 seconds, then go for lightweight theme for your WordPress site.

And I will strongly recommend you to use Generatepress,Astra,or studiopress (Genesis Framework) themes for your site.

I persomally use Generatepress theme for mysmaetblogging.

And with it’s size below 30kb, it is lightening fast theme and never let my site down.

Besides it, Generatepress has all the features which a best theme must have.

For its best features, you have to use its premium version.

I also recommend you to never use free themes,because free ones have security vulnerabilities and any hacker can inject it’s hacking code.

Similarly,themes with large file size,slow down your site.

So before you go for a theme use only lightweight and premium theme.

It will help you to increase website speed in no time.

3. Use CDN(content delivery Network)

CDN plays a major role in loading your website much more faster.

As your website grows,more visitors come to your site.And if your server is at New York and you visitors are from India,London Europe and all locations of the world.

In this situation, for all your visitors who are far away from New York won’t get much faster response from your server as compared to visitors fro USA.

That’s where CDN come in to play!

What is CDN ?

CDN means content delivery network.As it’s name suggests,CDN is a network of interconnected servers across the globe.

These servers store duplicate copy of your site content around all geographical locations.

So when your site visitor visits from somewhere in china,then CDN instead of serving the web content from New York, will provide the requested web page right from China.

Thus CDN helps your website to load faster across all the geographical location of the world.

Which CDN Service Is Best ?

There are many famous CDN providers available like Stackpath, KeyCDN and many more.

But I will suggest to use stackpath because if its super fast service and many probloggers are using stackpath CDN for their websites.

Who Needs CDN ?

If you are targeting your website content in a specific country say USA.Then hour site need not any CDN service.

If your website content is written for all peoples across the globe,then you must use CDN service for your site.

4. Optimise Blog Images For Better Website Speed

Images help to illustrate your blog content in an effective manner.Infact,one image is worth thousand words.

images are an integral part of our website.If wisely optimised, we can make our site load more faster.

Most of the new bloggers don’t optimise their blog posts.That’s why their website struggles to meet the basic speed requirement.

So you must optimize your images before uploading them to your site.

Tips To Optimize Images To Increase Website Speed

In order to optimize your post images you must do the following :

  • Use Jpg and PNG formats for your images
  • Approoriate Image size.
  • Compress your images.

1) Jpg and PNG : The most famous universal image formats are JPEG(jpg) and PNG.

jpg formats are less in size.when you save a large image in jpg format, it is less in size as compared to PNG.

In technical words JPG format contains loosy details when compressed upon.That’s why they are in less size.

And when it comes to PNG, it has lossless details meaning that when when we compress an image with PNG format it doesn’t loose it’s pixels but it is larger in size.

So always use jpg image format.And if you need to save images without background,then PNG format is best.

2) Size Of Images : Dimensions of images must not be larger in size.

For example : If the width of image is 5000 pixels and night 3000 pixels,then such heavy image will badly effect your website speed.

So in order to increase website speed, you need to resize your image in such a manner that it could not loose it’s quality and image size remains within recommended limits.

3) Compress Images : For best Image optimization, you need to compress the images before uploading to your website library.

Because image compression reduces the image size upto 80%.Thus your site will load fast with light sized images.

There are many tools available like shortpixels,TinyMc etc. to compress the images.

For my site ,I personally use shortpixels online software.

5. Lazy Load Technique To Increase Website Speed

Most of the pro bloggers know lazy load technique very well.It is best way to reduce the loading time of your site.

Your website may have plenty of images.And whenever a user visits one of your webpages,it may contains many images.

The browser of the visitor loads all images, text, javascripts,videos at the same time.

Thus loading time of your site’s drastically increases,which in turns irritate your reader.

So to avoid such a situation lazy load does this trick.

What lazy load technique does, instead of loading all the images and videos at the same time,it loads only visible images on screen.

So you must use this technique.There are many lazyload WordPress plugins available.

If you are using WP Rocket, then you need not any plugin as it has inbuilt lazy load option.

Just visit wp rocket dashboard.Click “media” tab and enable lazy load.It will definitely increase your website speed.

6. Use Premium Cache Plugin

Cache plugins are really helpful in speeding up your WordPress site.

Cache At a glance: cache is a process of storing frequently-accessed data temporarily.So that it can not take much time to be delivered to the users.

Example : Let’s take an example :

I ask you 10*10 = ?

you will instantly answer it.But how ?

Because it is already stored in your brain memory.So even if there are thousands of people ask you to solve the same puzzle,you will take no time.

But, what if I ask you 2356*1786=?

you will take time to multiply it before you give the correct answer.

So if you had learnt abacus techniques to multiply huge digits, then you would have give the answer in less time.

So here Abacus works as cache plugin and your brain acts as your server or browse.

So in technical terms when your webpage is accessed by thousand visitors, your server has to collect all related information regarding your webpage thousands times.

Wouldn’t it be better if your server stores all this data temporarily in its RAM memory,that’s exactly what does a cache plugin.

So if your server stores(memorize) this webpage in its RAM and whenever multiple requests are made, your server instantly provides this information.

Use Best Cache Plugins To Speed Up your Site

There are some of the best cache plugins are available.Like wp rocket, comet cache,wp super cache.

If you want to fully utilize the cache features,the you must go for premium cache plugins.

I personally use wp rocket premium version for my website.And it has helped me to increase my website speed.

Wp rocket has all premium features like lazy load,minify JavaScript,jquery,CSS,gzip and many more.

I must recommend you to buy wp rocket premium cache plugin.

7. Use Latest Version Of PHP

PHP is an open source server side script language which is used in web development.

If you are a WordPress user then you must have known it’s importance.

Because WordPress, the large CMS (content management system) uses PHP as a core language for themes,plugins.

When a user request a webpage through its browser, the server get PHP written code from WordPress and it’s related components.

And it process them and send the output in plain HTML to the browser of the user.

So in order to make your WordPress site faster and secure, you must use it’s latest version which is 7.4 at the time of writing this article.

But according to recent study carried out by kinsta, which says that only 36% wordpress users have upgraded PHP to latest version which is more fast and secure.

If you are using latest version of PHP then your are making your website 3 times more faster than its old versions.

So if you are using shared hosting,then log in to your c-panel and find a link like “PHP Version”.

Click on it and select the latest version of PHP and that’s it.

If your are using VPS hosting then run the following commands on PUTTY(for Windows user):

php -version
sudo apt-get install php-(type here the latest version without bracket)

8. Regular Updating Of WordPress,Themes And Plugins

According to a study by W3Techs 35% people use WordPress to develop their websites.Wordpres alone holds 62% share of all CMS with known CMS like Jumla,Dhrupal,Squarespace, wix.

As a WordPress user, you must be aware of its proper maintenance.Like regular update of WordPress,the related plugins,your are using.

Because WordPress often comes up with regular updates,and whenever there is a new update,you must make the most of it.

Every WordPress update contains a new bug fix with plenty of other features which are helpful in getting your website faster than before.

Plugins are essential part of wordpress.If you are not regularly updating them,your are leaving your site vulnerable to hackers.

Similarly you must update your WordPress themes regularly to avoid any security loophole.

The more you maintain your WordPress,the faster it will become.

9. Use Less And Important WordPress Plugins

Plugins plays a major role in designing,securing and customizing a WordPress website.

But if you are using too many and useless worpless plugins then you are reducing your site speed.

There are tons of free WordPress plugins available,That’s why most of the bloggers install so many plugins.

But do you know a premium plugin might be a worth of more than one plugins.

Yes,it is true.

Example 1. Thrive Architect is a premium wordpress plugin which is equipped with about 7 plugins.

If you have thrive architect plugins the you need not install the following WordPress plugins :

  • Tables of contents
  • Contact form 7
  • Social icons plugin
  • Text Animation Plugin
  • maxbuttons plugin
  • Countdown Timer
  • lead genetation

And many more.

Example 2.

Wp Rocket

If you are using wp rocket cache plugin,you need not the following plugins :

  • Lazy load
  • G-zip

Similarly if you are using rankmath seo plugin then uninstall the following plugins :

  • FAQ
  • Schema Markup
  • XML Sitemap plugin

Thus you should reduce the number of plugins from your WordPress dashboard.

In this way you can relieve your site of much burden which will increase your site speed.

10. Reduce Redirects

Some times you un-intentionally changes the permalink of your site page.And when search engines crawl this page,they find 404 error.

So to overcome this you need to fix this error by 301 redirection.But it decrease your page loading speed.

Example: suppose you go to a shopping mall to purchase a T-shirt of “ABC” brand.But say, it is not available.So you have to go to another shop to get the same shirt.

So redirection of a page acts just like that.From seo point of view,it is a good practice to fix 301 redirection to non-found (404) pages.

But doingbthis on number of pages, will definitely slow your website speed.

So remove redirection from very less important pages.Because redirection of even a single page reduce your site speed.

Whenever,you write a post choose a correct permalink.And when you upload the post and your post gets indexed by search engines, don’t change its permalink.

11. Minimize HTTP requests

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol . This is the protocol that your browsers (chrome, Mozilla, opera) use to transfer data such as text, images, stylesheets and javascripts between a web server and your computer.

An HTTP request is executed for each one of the above elements.If your webpage contains more elements,it will take longer to load.

Now it’s time to find how many HTTP requests your particular page has.

Open the page you want to evaluate in chrome browser.Right click and click on “inspect”.Now you will find a “network”tab click on it.

You can clearly see the “Name” column shown number of files on the page, the “Size” column shows the size of each file, and the “Time” column shows how long it takes to load each file.

At the left corner of bottom, you can see the number of total requests the site makes.

So if you see there are large number of HTTP requests,you must work on reducing it’s numbers.

12. Minify and combine files

Now when you knows the number of HTTP requests,it time to reduce the HTTP request to increase website speed.

Your site contains HTML,CSS, JavaScript files.These are the most important files of your website.

The more of these files your site contains,more the HTTP requests it has to execute.Which results in slow loading your site.

To overcome this problem,you must minify and combine these requests.

Since,when you minify a site file,it removes extra whitespace,formatting,line break and unnecessary piece of code.

Your site also has number of CSS files which are essential part of your site design.

But if your site has large number of CSS stylesheets,then you must combine all them into one or two files.

To minify and combining CSS,HTML and JavaScript files,you must have a premium cache plugin.

Wp rocket is considered to be the master plugin of doing this task.

Increase website speed minify combine files
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Increase website speed minify combine files

As shown in the screenshot,just check the options to minify CSS,HTML,JavaScript and hit “save” button.

And you will see a positive result.

Use Gzip Compression

Gxip compression is another technical and easy way to increase website speed.

Gzip compression is just like process of reducing a file size without losing it’s quality.

And we often do this practice with our blog images,YouTube videos,etc.

If in a similar fashion we do it with our website data,then it will increase your website speed.

Gzip compression is one of the best way to reduce HTTP requests on your server.

Since Gzip has the best ability to cope with CSS and HTML, because these files typically have repeated code and whitespace.

If Gzip compression is enabled on your site,then it is a matter of seconds that the huge files on your site’s gets compressed without any manual action.

How To check Gzip is Enabled On Your Site

There is a free online tool available to check gzip compression.

Visit varvy and enter your website URL.and you will find a positive result if gzip is enabled on your site.

It will look like below :

Increase website speed gzip compression
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Increase website speed gzip compression

If your Gzip is not enabled on your site then you will have you use a plugin.

And if you are using wp rocket,then Gzip compression is automatically enabled.

13. Add Expires Header

Expires headers are the set of rules which tells the browser for how many days it should retain the cache copy of web files which are not frequently changed.

In this way,instead of loading these files right from the server,browsers instantly load them from their cache memory in no time.

It helps in reducing a heavy load on your hosting server in the peak loads times.

But when you scan your website on Gtmetrix it shows the error that your site doesn’t have expires headers enabled.

As browsers can’t hold a website’s HTML,CSS,JavaScript’s,images and other files forever.They needs to given commands that when to delete old cache files and fetch fresh files.

Thus expires headers are rules set in the header section of a website that instruct the browsers when to delete the old files and retrieve the fresh and updated ones.

How To Enable Expires Header with Plugin

If you are using W3 total cache or Wp rocket then you need set expires header rules. Just purchase the plugin and customize it’s setting and that’s it.

If you don’t have any premium cache plugin then simple copy the code and paste into your .httaccess file.

<IfModule mod_expires.c>

  ExpiresActive On
  # Images

  ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 1 year"

  ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 1 year"

  ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 1 year"

  ExpiresByType image/webp "access plus 1 year"

  ExpiresByType image/svg+xml "access plus 1 year"

  ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year"

  # Video

  ExpiresByType video/mp4 "access plus 1 year"

  ExpiresByType video/mpeg "access plus 1 year"

  # CSS, JavaScript

  ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 1 month"

  ExpiresByType text/javascript "access plus 1 month"

  ExpiresByType application/javascript "access plus 1 month"

  # Others

  ExpiresByType application/pdf "access plus 1 month"

  ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash "access plus 1 month"


Conclusion : Increase Website Speed

In order to increase website speed,you need to follow the above 13 best tips to increase website speed 2020.

Speed of a website is one of the best on-page seo techniques which provides a great boost to it.

As far as user experience is concerned they love to visit a site again if it has a lightening fast speed.


Search engines also give preference to those sites which follow it’s guidelines.So if your website follow search engines speed parameters,it will be served on the top of SERPs.

So before you follow the above mentioned tips to increase website speed,you need to check your website speed using speed testing tools discussed above.

And after implementing all of the above tips,you will definitely speed up your website and go ahead of your competitors.

So if you have learnt something from this article,please share it on social media platforms.

Thanks for your precious time here.

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