Best Free Ping Submission Sites List 2020

This free ping submission sites list will boost your blog posts and backlinks indexing by search engines.Don’t miss it !

There is no doubt that backlinks help in ranking your post on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

But here is a tricky part !

Many bloggers especially newbies, start making backlinks, but forget to index them by search engines.

As you might know, if your backlinks have not been indexed by Google,you can’t rank your posts.

So that’s why I have provided you the best free ping submission sites list 2020,

So that you can index your posts and backlinks blazing fast.

And ultimately, you will not only skyrocket your off-site seo ranking,but also increase your site DA and PA.

What Is Pinging

Pinging is a process of telling search engines that you have updated or written blog content or backlinks.

In this way, search engines bots, come into action and index your desired links.

Because the more your posts and backlinks are indexing, the more people visit your site.

There are many pinging tools available online for ping submission, The list of these ping submission tools is available at the end of the post.

These tools help in getting your blog posts indexed by search engines.

Ping Submission Sites

About 60% old blog posts and 70% backlinks are not indexed by search engines automatically.

That’s why link building strategy don’t work perfectly for most bloggers.

And they quit making backlinks.But it is a huge mistake.

So that’s where ping submission sites come into action.

With the help of pinging websites, most of your backlinks will be indexed by Google.

Pro Tip: Submit your site links to high DA ping submission websites only

According to Google,”if you are practising spamming link building techniques,you will get punishment in terms of low ranking.”

Ping submission sites freely allow users to submit their Website, backlinks and blog posts, to their pinging tools.

And these high PR ping submission sites send the requested URLs to Google,yahoo,Bing and other famous search engines.

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Benefits Of Ping Submission Sites

Ping submission sites are one of the best places to index your backlinks and blog content.

If you have thousands of blog pages and backlinks,then you need to index them instantly.

And it is not possible to index all your back links and new and old updated posts individually.

It will take huge amount of time,which will result in decreasing of your traffic.

That’s why free ping submission sites are so important.

Below are the key important benefits of pings websites :

  • Ping submission sites, help in submitting your blog, website as well as backlinks to all search engines and news directories.
  • These sites are very helpful in getting better SEO ranking.
  • With a click of button,you can index your links without any charge.
  • Your blog content get exposure in SERPs because of Fast Indexing and crawling
  • high organic traffic to your blog
  • Helpful in high conversion rates
  • Increase in DA and PA of your website.

Important Key points while regardingPing Submission Sites

Before I provide you the top free ping submission sites list 2020 for indexing your backlinks and blog posts,

You should keep in mind the following points which will help you not getting any penalty from Google :

  1. Submit your website to 5 ping websites a day
  2. Submit only seo friendly content of your site
  3. Only submit quality backlinks to these sites for indexing.
  4. Never indulge in spamming on these ping sites.
  5. Submit preferably your new and updated blog posts
  6. submit your site to legal and authorized ping submission sites only.

How To Ping Your Website

The process of doing ping submission to below listed sites is very simple.

Just visit the pinging websites one by one and put your site blog title, site URL and tick requested check boxes on a pinging site.

And then you have to press the “submit” or “ping” button.

These pinging tools will automatically submit the URL to all search engines for better indexing.

Even you will get the submission confirmation results in few seconds.

List Of High DA Ping Submission Sites

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Best Free Ping Submission Sites List

Now it’s time to provide you the best free ping submission sites list 2020 for quick indexing of your site links :

Free Ping Submission
Sites List

List Of link building articles :

Top 58 Ping Submission Sites List 2020

Top 50 Free Ping submission sites

Example To Submit Site to Best Ping submission sites

Let me explain with the help of some examples.


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  1. Firstly visit for example Pingomatic
  2. Type name of your website eg.(mysmartblogging)
  3. Then put your site URL
  4. And then provide your post URL,you want to index on this ping submission site.
  5. Check all the options and
  6. Click on “send pings” button.

Now you will get successful message of “pings sent”.As shown in the below screenshot .

Pingomatic pings sent
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Pingfarm is one of the famous ping submission sites,which accepts mass website URLs pings.

Steps For ping Submission :

  1. Visit
  2. Put all of your website URLs or backlinks in the white text area.
  3. Make sure put all the links in one line individually.
  4. Hit “mass pings” button

And finally a successful message,you will get like above.

So similarly you can put all of your site links and backlinks to the top best free ping submission sites list 2020 provided above.

Conclusion On Ping submission sites list 2020

Finally, it is Crystal clear from the above article that how important are ping submission sites for a blogger.

Thrse pinging websites save your valuable time in crawling and indexing.

Ping submission websites increase your blog posts exposure to search engines.

Because search engines see these high DA ping sites as reliable websites.

That’s why your pinged site links and backlinks get indexed by Google,yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines in no time.

Although there are number of other factors which needs to be taken care of.

Before you start pinging your website you must have seo friendly content on your sites.

For this you must do proper keyword research and adopt best off-page seo techniques to promote your blog.

Besides it ,you must make backlinks from high DA Profile creation sites.

Because,if you ping backlinks from these high authority social bookmarking sites,Google will definitely index them.

So last but not the least,every blogger must submit their sites to these free ping submission sites list for better indexing result

You will definitely rock on search engines.

Ping submission sites list relate FAQs

Q1. What is ping submission ?

Ans.Ping submission an online process of inviting search search engines to index your blog pages and backlinks.

Q2. Which are ping submission sites for indexing Backlinks ?

Ans . There are many best and free high DA ping submission sites available.I have provided in the list.

Q3. Is it legal to do ping submission of your backlinks and blog posts ?

Ans. Yes,as long as you submit your sitelinks to high DA pinging sites without any spamming,it is legal.

Q4. Who can do ping submission on the sites list you have provided ?

Ans. All boggers can submit their sites.Because it is helpful in increasing link building.

Q5. When should you submit your articles on ping submission sites ?

Ans. You should ping only updated,new posts and backlinks on pinging sites.

Free ping submission sites list
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